Monday, October 27, 2008

Talking Points

Am sorry there haven't been many outfit posts lately; my bank account is overdrawn and bills are coming up, etc etc. We can still window shop though can't we?

1. These jeans are on sale at Urban Outfitters; they come in four colors and would make me feel like Audrey Hep. Though I usually try to go for the Katherine Hep myself. Blank HiRise Ankle Skinny Jean, $39.99

2. I have a book called Little Black Dress which I regard not as much as a fashion retrospective but rather a shopping list for when I am a wealthy contessa. If they made a 2nd edition, I have no doubt that this dress would have a two-page spread. Lanvin dress, $2418 (!!!!)

3. As you have no doubt figured out by now, I am a ruthless and indiscriminate consumer; no good is safe from my insatiable, Pac Man like shopping hunger. I NEED this hair stuff, because it says it will turn me from Rumplestiltskin to Rapunzel over night. And if it doesn't, they should hire me to write copy for them. Philip B Katira Hair Masque, $40

4. I need a new bag; luckily the Herman is sold out. And $1488. This Lucien Pellat-Finet tote is $200-some-odd dollars, and clearly its saucy pot-leaf motif will contribute to my professional development.

5. Spats! No more need be said. Posso the Spat "The Subject", $253

6 and 7. Saving the best for last, Martin Margiela boots, whether you prefer cone heel or snake print. I will take both, please. $1245 and $975.

No, wait, this is the real final item. They have a knuckle duster in this month's Vogue, but I will settle for one of these. Dior Fine Jewelry "Diorette" rings, $5000 or so. UGH

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