Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We all have our fashion holy grail; that one item that's going to bring our look totally together. mine are, and were, The Sam Edelman Balenciaga Knockoffs (that I haven't actually worn out of the house since I walk a couple blocks downtown and my ankles twist off-and that's in flats), a snake-embossed leather jacket, holey vintage concert shirts, Prada socks. But none would tie the look (The Nancy Sinatra/Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!/Let It Rock/Carine Roitfeld of course look) all together like a pair of thigh high boots.

These are from Steve Madden, $200 with discount. 22" tall, so on my 29" legs will probably be crotch-high.


*cheapest pair of pointy flat soled LEATHER thigh high boots I've ever seen
*on slutty scale, rate a 6 of 10 (could wear to dinner with Grandma, but not Grandpa)
*flat soles ensure wearability (see: Sam Edelman clodhoppers) and thus return on investment
*keep legs warm in winter vis-a-vis not having to shave as often
*this outfit

(ugh with this World Wide Love! skirt...I would sell my kidney for that skirt! Both! Then I'd have something to wear to dialysis)

*this outfit


If I lose my job, I will not be able to live in a boot.

Now if this won't get you to comment, I will just close up shop altogether:

I have invites to Shop It To Me, a cool website where you put in your sizes and fave brands, and they show you all the things in your size, on sale! I have already started coveting a pair of Marc Jacobs mouse flats for super cheap. If you want an invite, tell me: What is your fashion holy grail?

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