Saturday, October 11, 2008

T-shirt, ebay; leggings, AA; boots, thrifted

Last night's outfit. I lightened it a bit so you could see the vinyl leggings, which I intend to wear more often before their inevitable dry rot. Of course that might just hasten their demise. In case you are interested, what appears to be lens flare in the Duran Duran logo is actually my skin, because the shirt is tattered to shreds. An old(er) lady last night told me she liked it, though.

Remember how I was talking about Keds? Of course you do. Well, these little gems aren't Keds, but close; deadstock, pointy floral plimsolls for a dollar at the thriftstore! Deadstock is always a dicey proposition; when you buy something worn, you can be pretty sure that the person had it in their closet, away from heat and light. Deadstock things are subject to so much variation in temperature and location that I will not be surprised if these crumble right off my feet, as happened with a pair of sandals once. Buyer beware!

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