Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love in Itself

Well my boots sold for $1,225 (!) As soon as I get paid I guess it's off to the car dealership to throw my weight around and get a fully loaded Mercedes for the price of a sack of potatoes. Just kidding. Not really. If I didn't have to buy a car (oh pity me) I would be buying the Ted coat from Topshop (my finger is gnawed raw from missing out on the silky Bananarama dresses--do they ever restock?) and the zip dress from Miss Selfridge; I know it's just a t-shirt with a zip but oh how I want it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sound & Vision

I feel like I was brave in my youth; I would wear the biggest-belled JNCOs with platform sneakers and crop tops, and huge Elton John shades from Delia's. To that end, here are some recent purchases that I vow to wear in my daily life:

vintage Lanz dress, if I can get it on, the measurements are 36 bust and 24 waist! I need a girdle. Of course if the bust is factored into a kimono sleeve we might be on ez street.

This shirt takes no bravery to wear, I'm just going to be wearing it a lot to offset its cost...oh dear...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I have been, and am, a crappy blogger. I only have clothes to wear for nights out with Exene circa 1981. No work clothes. Maybe I'll wear my party clothes to work. This office is pretty lax.

I want to dress like this all the time. Damn these Mediterranean hips!

I'm only 24 and I already feel like youth is wasted on the young.

Real post tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sad Day in Gothicpreppyland

Well friends, it has come down to this;

I am forced to sell my beloved Sam Edelman boots (though no one has bid on them yet, scowl scowl. So I would advise you to get while the gettin's good!)

It is also my 100th post! So there's some cheer there. But little cheer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Inspiration

I have been a lazy blogger. But I have been shopping nonetheless.

A coupla 40s/50s dresses from ebay

Comfy shoes for summer, cos in Florida once things really ramp up, all you wear is cutoffs and tank tops and the comfiest shoes you can find

And the Philosophy Soda Fountain, cos I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to smell like root beer.

I'll leave you with this most excellent picture from Flair magazine. It looks like a still from High School Confidential.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Luggage Roundup

Have you seen these Fifi Lapin Lesportsac bags? I am honestly dying at how cute they are. And not too expensive, as Lesportsac bags usually are. Even though they're made in China now instead of the US as they once were. Mm hmm.

Of course the real tragedy is this Pucci-for-Braniff suitcase that I will never have, as it is part of this lot which has a buy it now of $250,000. But it has my initial on it...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jacket, Dillards, $20
Million year old t-shirt, Gap
Skirt, Target, $10
60s Coach purse, thrifted, $2
60s shoes, thrifted, $2.99

One of my favorite pastimes is finding mall clothes that kinda-sorta fit in with my Deneuveian aesthetic. Though you might think I was off to sit on library steps and be serenaded by a Burgundy-scented guy with a baguette, I was actually going to the Cheesecake Factory and then to Tim and Eric with my sister. Slightly more mundane but fun nonetheless.

And after all my bitchin about how I can never find old shoes in my size, I found these 60s Naturalizers at Goodwill. What do you know?

Friday, February 6, 2009

I've always been interested with the intersection of 80s teen style, sometime in '84 or '85, right as or before the new wave influences start to wane and the wave of New Kids/mall clothes starts to rise (I say as a weekend expert, I was only born in 85 and really don't know anything about mall clothes; I do own a copy of The Valley Girl Handbook which I can't even find on the internet at all) with a splash of punk, a little bit of skateboard and a lot of baggy-trousered fun. In that spirit I just bought these pants on Etsy

and gosh I hope they fit! I will wear them with a black shirt tucked in, fresh white keds, and wayfarers.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

from lottielulu on flickr

I have no money. I am probably (with heavy heart) going to sell my Sam Edelman Balenciaga rip offs because let's face it, I've never worn them, and they are regularly going for $400-$800 on ebay, and I could use that money toward a car. SO. I am going to start buying vintage patterns and making my own clothes. I am also going to use the vintage patterns to

GO TO THE OPEN SEE AT BLOOMIES ON MAY 1, despite never having sewn anything other than the hems of my pants and loose buttons. Am I allowed to use patterns if I tweak them? Would it be better sense to get a seamstress to help me? I could probably have the people who alter all my clothes help. I always take my old t-shirts in and they yell at me, saying, "you know, if you would just buy smaller shirts you wouldn't have to spend money to alter them." I choose not to tell them about my thrifting habits and just hand over the cash.

But maybe I can shell out for this funny McSweeney's tote bag.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Strange Behaviour

I like slouchy basics as much as the next girl. Actually I don't, cos my shoulders are so small that I get lost in slouch and require a high armhole and fitted sleeve. That said, I can understand trying to get that sloppy boyfriend look beloved of all and sundry. What I cannot understand is this Alexander Wang tank top:

$75 for this? A bit of dishrag? If your mom found this on the floor of your bedroom, that's what she would use it for! Don't sleep on the baggy denim shorts to go with, yours for the fair and modest sum of $285!

And this is supposed to be Mr Wang's less expensive line?