Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can't believe it's been almost a month since last I posted. I've just been SO BUSY with buying cars, moving out of houses and wearing American Apparel tri-blend tees constantly that fashion hasn't been foremost in my mind. As soon as I get settled in there will be more fashion to be found. Here are some links to keep you busy:

No Good for Me today has a lovely sad little meditation on growing up.

The Likkle Girl is the sweetest woman in the uh Southern Hemisphere. The one opposite from mine. Whatever. Just go enjoy her blog.

Apocalypstick Now, besides being hilariously named, is a wellspring of beauty info, and this week she's doing sunscreen, which is going to be of crucial importance to me since I'm moving downtown (!)

And if you're feeling in a spendy mood, trot over to my etsy for a secret sale... just mention code BLOG when you purchase and receive 25% off of your order!

See you next week!