Monday, October 13, 2008

Sticks, But A Broken Drum

I was taking pictures of myself in yesterday's outfit, when I realized my shirt was completely see through, and being a tramp as I am, I wore a black bra with it. Besides, my eyes were all puffy from crying for a funny reason; my boss was saying ignorant, hurtful things about Obama today at work, and when I was relaying the story to my boyfriend later, I started crying. I guess I really am a liberal, haha. I won't leave you hanging though, here are some little gems for your perusal.

dresses by Lux Interior
1. Buckles from Burberry, a trench dress for the Mata Hari within.
2. This Phillip Lim shift is rendered in "viscose wool", doesn't that sound like something Lenina would wear to a hot date at the feelies?
3. Another gem from Phillip Lim, layered loveliness. Must stop browsing net-a-porter
4. F21, more in our price range. When they do a pencil dress in knit, it is a must-buy; I have one that's probably 4 years old and gets me through any "must look nice in a hurry" situation.
5. From F21, high-waisted shiny leggings. But their high waistedness would imply that a shirt is not to be worn over them, which we all know is anathema right? Strange feelings brewing in Duff Man!
6. These I actually bought; $10 on Urban Outfitters. I am going to wear them with all the frothy floral minidresses I don't own.

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