Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration: Twee as Fuck

Remember how I said how certain seasons lend themselves to certain eras in fashion? Twee is a (mini microscopic) music/fashion movement (mostly music, but you know how these things sometimes intersect) of the mid and late 80s. Think France Gall filtered through nerd and Byrds, 80s disaffection, Madeline, The Wall. Think black watch and Prince-of-Wales. Think camel, brown, forest, navy. Schoolgirls run amok. Think propriety and decorum. Think black coffee and white opaques.

It's easy enough to be, say, a Blondie fan and express your love through a t-shirt with Debbie Harry's face on it, but how much more difficult, and more creative, to dress as she might? Wintertime for me equals trying to look like an Orange Juice groupie. If they had been popular enough to have groupies. Am I saying that right, groupie?

Further listening:
-Orange Juice-Bridge
-Josef K-Sorry for Laughing
-Aztec Camera-Oblivious
-Talulah Gosh-Bringing Up Baby
-NME's C86 comp

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ldvnicole said...

I have the little rabbit pin! I got a carrot with it, I know I had to be a cliche!!