Friday, October 24, 2008

have you ever seen so perfect an outfit? i was wondering what to wear out tonight and now i know:

black jacket: YES, a 40s one with a peplum that i have never worn. tonight's the night
tie: NO, still too Avril for these parts
gray sweatshirt: YES from Zara, a million years ago
wife beater: of course
belt: NO I'm not really what you would call a belt person and indeed, my plumber's butt is well documented amongst friends, family and coworkers
jeans: YES, j brand 910s
snake shoes: YES, ancient Prada slingbacks from A/W 2000
tote: NO because I get my boyfriend to hold my money and things when we go out
glasses: NO because you shouldn't wear glasses in the night-time, although it is the easiest way to determine who is a douchebag and who isn't. Also my head is too wide for Wayfarers.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Lean Cuisine 'Tortilla Crusted Fish' has that certain je ne sais quoi that really defines a designer lunch. Really though it's delicious.

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