Friday, January 23, 2009


It is Cold here in usually not-cold Florida. And this isn't just me being a wimp cos I'm from Florida; it was warmer in Boston yesterday than it was here. To paraphrase J.M. Barrie, God gave us the internet so we might have bathing suits in January. To wit, my spring wishlist:

Spring 09

1. Do you see these Martin Margiela boots with a nail for a heel? Are you seeing them? I am dying. I'm already dead.
2. I like this Urban bathing suit top though it is decidedly unsexy; good though for layering under things.
3. You could wear it with these high waisted twill pants, also from Urban. The problem with (most) contemporary high waisted items is that they only rise to the belly button. I have a pair of shorts from Target whose waist goes to the true waist; e.g., up around the ribcage. Get with the program, people!
4 & 5. These wannabe 30s items (imagine the dress below the knee in seafoam crepe? Now we're talkin) are from F21 and are just charming enough to consider.
6. Finally these SICK winklepickers from Topshop; when I was a wee and tender lass, all of 13, absolutely besotted with Duran Duran (somewhat acceptable behavior in 1988, questionable in 1998), I made it my mission to try and own as many Duranish items as possible. The ruffled shirts, the spiked belts, even the pink leopard print trousers! These shoes are totes John Taylor, to be worn with holey old band shirt and second-skin leather pants.

Oh and by the way, I don't know how interested you are in cute pictures and timely news/how bored you are at work, but I'm updating my tumblr constantly with uh cute pictures and timely news, check it out if you are so inclined:

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