Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recessionista Blues

I am using the word recessionista unabashedly, because I think it's funny how people have to give a name to everything, no matter how stupid or pointless. Shop Bop and Net-A-Porter are both having 20% off of previously reduced items, here's what I found poking around:

WANT these Alexander Wang pants, $90-some-odd dollars. But I would have to sell some of my own clothes first. Maybe I should have a Gothic Preppy garage sale.

I would wear them with this Marc by Marc top.

Then over to Net-a-Porter, where everything in my size is nearly sold out. Maybe you'll find something good, though.

Ugh Marc Jacobs dress from the future, ugh ugh ugh

Pretty printed Marc dress

Diane Von Furstenburg

But for those of us without birthday money to spend, I found the perfect pair of completely opaque black tights at Wal Mart (and I know, because I have every pair of supposedly opaque black tights known to man, from Hue to Nordstrom) for only $5. Later I decided I want to wear bobby socks with my ankle strap heels, and ended up at Wal Mart, where they had a 5 pack for, you guessed it, $5.

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