Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today's earlier post was crappy. I apologize. If you can't have any outfit pictures, I give you the things I would (and might, if I decide to bid) wear, all plucked from ebay:

Outerwear in Florida is really less about keeping you warm and all about "look at my fancy-ass/expensive/etc coat". This is a kid's size 7 so it might not fit at all, but...3/4 sleeves...

Pucci suit for $100. This is really something special.

This is how you can tell that no one who reads blogs ever does any shopping/follows trends for themselves (and how they feel justified in leaving people horrible comments I guess), because these pants are $10, vintage, no bids, four days left, and so on trend it makes me vom.

This is the one I really want. Business in front, party in back. And wool.

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