Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Medium Was Tedium

I have nothing to do at work today, so I am looking at ebay. It is dangerous. I am not allowed to look at ebay anymore. Especially after a sign from God in the form of

this dress, and no my boobs aren't that lopsided in real life

and a khaki and black leopard print jumpsuit, and a black maxidress from the 60s of crepe with an attached necktie. all for like $4 apiece. Did you know the Goodwill has a button on the register for "rompers"?

it's good that this isn't my size. Maybe it's yours?

If only I had a use for a floor-length 30s dress. Hell I could go to Target in this thing and it would be enough use for it. Sigh

And this ~avant garde~ jacket. I could wear them together.

Went and picked up my camera yesterday; went for the Lumix cos it was like $20 cheaper than the Powershot. Here is a picture of my shark dog going for a nom.


ldvnicole said...

I want that dress with all my heart!

Brooke Alexandra said...

if you mean the green poofy dress, here is the link:

only $13! buy it so i can live vicariously through you!

Brooke Alexandra said...

oops here it is