Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rethinking Steve Madden

After my Steve Madden thigh high boot disaster, I thought all was lost; I figured all they were good for was fry cook boots and those platform sneakers we wore in high school (I know you wore them; I had silver patent leather and white canvas! Worn with JNCOs!) Then last night I went shopping with my friends at the mall that has a Steve Madden and right away I zoomed in on the "Triumph" (right, top row). Fakey suede Margielas at bargain price? Next I drooled simultaneously at and on "Revenu" and "Sallina" (bottom row l to r). Although Sallina has the cheapy looking elastic gusset, up close they are rich and directional. After these little gems I felt compelled to poke around their website, where I found "Bert" (top row, left). Even more Margielaish, with the weird cone heel. I wish I lived in Antwerp or something so I could wear these shoes without being laughed at.

steve by Lux Interior

LATE BREAKING NEWS! The Topshoppers finally smiled down upon me and granted a Christmas miracle: The wool skinny pants are on sale, half off! Still $15 for shipping though.

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