Friday, December 19, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I went to a sneak preview of this movie last night; I realize I'm probably not supposed to be talking about a movie before it comes out, since a big studio mucky-muck tried to scare everyone by coming out beforehand and talking about how they had night vision goggles and would kick you out of the theater if they saw your cell phone go off. No matter.

It was pretty chick-flicky but if you have any interest in the history of fashion you need to go see it. Cate Blanchett had the most divine wardrobe, from full skirted dresses, to little desert boots and slim plaid pants, and a whole scene of beatniks partying down in crazy ass 40s scenester clothes. The extras were impeccable too, from post-WWI modified hobble skirts, to depressiony floursack dresses with sturdy heeled shoes, velvet bed jackets...

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