Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was wasting time at work earlier looking at YesStyle, a mecca of reasonably priced, absolutely bizarre covetables. Witness the cute Chloe-ish winklepickers, really nice over the knee boots with zips, and this Banana Fish dress which is so disturbingly weird that no comment is needed. Just soak in its stunning strangeness.

So I bought this Comme H&M sweater on ebay for $40; I figure that a $10 markup is fine, since I didn't have to wait in the freezing cold at 4 am to fight with some mean old ladies just to end up empty handed anyway. And I didn't have to fly to New York! It is a medium though, I hope it fits me in the way I want it to. Or else back on the auction block it goes.

Can I confess that I only really wanted this sweater cos of Tavi?

This outfit is perfection! And assuming she got the XS, since she is such a wee tiny thing, if we adjust for proportion, the medium should fit me in the same way.


Andy said...

I love your leather jacket.
Check out my blog !

Tavi said...

Thanks for the shout out! and you got yourself quite a deal-40 bucks?!?! Mine was 50 or 60. Hot dayumm, whats with the price difference?!?

Brooke Alexandra said...

Andy: I checked out your blog, I like your style!

Tavi: It's just my luck, because the person I bought it from miraculously 'discovered' a hole in the sweater and isn't going to sell it anymore...they're probably going to try and sell it again :(
And p.s., if you ever wanted to sell your mom's Norwegian cape, you have a willing buyer ;)

InstantVintage said...

Ok, totally unrelated, but your comment on Rumi's blog made me cheer loudly just now. Srsly.

Brooke Alexandra said...

InstantVintage: Thanks. You know, even if she was totally biting someone else's style, she is completely transparent about it, not like I AM SO ORIGINAL TODAY LEAVE ME COMMENTS BITCHES XOXO! (like I am haha). You know for sure that no one comes up to her in the street like WOW COKE WHORE MUCH? so it's just annoying that the anonymity of the internet lets people be so cruel to each other.