Monday, November 10, 2008


I felt bad because I saw the spike in people looking at my blog, expecting a new treat, but there was none. So here is a mini post to tide you over til I can get home and take a pic of my outfit (thrill of a lifetime!)

I was looking at the Ebay Fashion Addict and she was talking about this ebay shop: Vagabond NYC. These are not spur of the moment purchases, but if you need a gift for a very special someone, or a birthday dress, you could do worse. Since you will spend $200 or more on a pair of Steve Madden shoes, a Marc by Marc bag, a bunch of F21 junk you will wear once, why not take the splurge and buy something that will (and has) stood the test of time.

vintage gucci, $204

vintage biba, $220

prada dress $198 (!)

rudi gernreich, $1648. It comes with matching socks which are clearly worth the price. DEMASIADO SEXI!

Per Susie you think I could get a passport/inexpensive plane ticket to London in the next two weeks? Or should I just pinch my sister's passport? My next post of the new year will be live from Gitmo...

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Sara Millionaire said...

Wow, those Biba shoes and the Prada dress are both totally amazing.