Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Night and Saturday Morning

Friday Night by Lux Interior

It's getting cooler, and my thigh high boots are on their way. I am thrilled. This is what I'll wear with them, but for tonight I'll have to wear my Pennangalan boots (best investment ever, i wish I had more $$$) and tyrolean jacket as pictured below.

And remember, kids, tights and shorts are NOT OK. shorts and silky smooth Prada thigh-highs are ALWAYS OK.

It's all moot, though, because I will never have this dress, because I live in BFE. I will also never be petite and adorable, I'll just be gawky me with my 20.5" arms (Plum Sykes complained about having 19" arms, gimme a break!) and no beautiful rusty orange mini shift.

from Everybody Is Ugly


SOS! said...

you all look lovely. love the orange dress, and ms bubble's tights!

Brooke Alexandra said...

lol that's not me, but i'm sure she would appreciate the compliment!