Friday, September 19, 2008

Up on the Catwalk

If you listen to Them*, they are saying the Little Black Dress is back. Unfortunately for you and me, we won't see it at an affordable price point til sometime next year, and only then in cotton jersey. Where is wool-mix? Where is knit? Being the world's foremost proponent of the LBD (what other item can take you from the Kentucky Derby to Kentucky Fried Chicken to a funeral to a party at David Bowie's house?), it is deeply, personally sad that I just can't drop $300+ on one of these little gems. Luckily we have the internet, and our limitless imaginations, to fuel our shopping daydreams.

(left to right, top to bottom)
1. This isn't technically a LBD (obviously), but this Anglomania dress would pass the derby>KFC>funeral>David Bowie's house criteria that I put all my clothing purchases through.
2 and 3. BOATNECKS! Gimme a break, Alexander Wang and Willow! So chic!
4. This Opening Ceremony schoolgirl shift is so desolate, destitute little Gabrielle Chanel, left to her own devices at the orphanage, pobrecita.
5. Wool shift, with exposed back zipper??? Be still my HART, cos it's by ERIK HART! HA HA HA HA just give it to me already
6. Twenty8Twelve brings you a Built By Wendy rip-off, complete with Sienna Miller's initials on the back. Recommended if you want people in the street to blame you for wrecking Balthazaar Getty's marriage.
7. Opening Ceremony yet again, with a vaguely Balmain-ish little shift. You could make this too, pretty easily I'd reckon. I love dresses with little details like this. That's where God is, you know.

*the shadowy, non-elected elite who control all our lives

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