Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyday is Halloween

I would like to believe I'm pretty trendproof; I found a style (that is to say, all black, which on some people like beatniks and mimes is a style, and on others, like me, is not) that suits me, and I purchase according to it. I know if I buy a snake-print mini t-shirt dress with exposed zips, I will have a million things to wear it with at home.

Yes, really.

I know what I like, I don't deviate away from my own style, and following trends blindly makes the back of my throat itch. I am like one little fish swimming defiantly against a mainstream of Gossip Girl and Blackberry phones.

So I can't fathom how many countless soccer moms are queueing up for this BRAND NEW, LIMITED EDITION lip gloss from YSL in, of all colors, PUR BLACK:

From plum to ebony, it dresses lips in an infinite range of shades, depending on how it is applied – feather light or rich and bold. Transparent yet intense, it plays on the depths of black and the pure shine of a sparkle-free formula.

Personally I haven't applied anything to my lips more wild than red since middle school, when we slicked on navy from Sweet Georgia Brown (remember that line? I was ob-sessed), or metallic frosty powder blue from Hard Candy.

It is currently on pre-order, and now it seems, back-order, but my order is in. Will LBL be as perennial as the LBD?

Buy YSL Gloss Pur Black here. If you give them your email, you get free shipping on your first order.

*And I believe this is a Blitz kid; these are the perils of saving things wantonly to your photobucket without saving descriptions!

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