Saturday, August 16, 2008

Style Icon: Audrey from National Lampoon's Vacation??

Maybe being preppy is the province of the young: running through fields of clover and dandelion with your shitheel friends, in little white socks with Mickey Mouse on one side and Donald Duck on the other. I realize that this is an odd choice (and even i found it odd that I actually found screencaps from this movie; what would you ever use them for??), but being extremely hip-py (24" waist, 35" hips SAD), I don't look good in high waisted items, and I instead will live vicariously through teenage, slim-hipped Audrey Griswold. Her mix of alligator shirts, high waisted shorts and tooled leather bags are preppy at its finest.

Do you suppose scenesters nowadays understand the debt they owe to this movie? Tiny tucked-in tee, high waisted jeans, aviators. IT'S KILLING ME!

This looks like a one-piece, but no. Audrey wears the same color on top and bottom. No shame!

Here you can enjoy the whole preppy family. I think this movie came out when preppy was at its pinnacle, Izod shirts were a dime a dozen (my dad was a punk in the 80s, and one of his punk friends would go to department stores and rip all the little alligators off the shirts), and Members Only jackets weren't worn only by pensioners.

Even while dumping Grandma's body off in a deluge, Audrey keeps it fresh in striped windbreaker and white jeans.

And my personal favorite, rainbow top and screamingly pink little mini high waisted shorts that I could wear if not for these damnable hips. A girl can dream.

Caps thoughtfully stolen from Kill Froot Loop

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