Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obscure Alternatives

If eyelashes can be considered a body part, they are one of my best. I've been hated for and metaphorically spat on by makeup artist and gay man alike (sometimes both at the same time) since my lashes are apparently so long and lovely. They measure between 3/8 and 1/4 of an inch long (I measured them at work today).

And they are falling out.

I think it's because I (naughty naughty) am just too tired after long nights of wining dining drinking and dancing to bother with taking my makeup off. I just smash my face up against a cotton pillowcase (another no no, "they" say you're supposed to sleep on satin) and drift off to dreamland, where last night I dreamt that a post I made got 45 comments. Yes, 45. I have come to the conclusion wholly borne of my own research that the kind of mascara I wear (usually Diorshow or L'Oreal Voluminous) is the source of my sad eyelashes; they dry out and can't hack the weight of all those petrochemical waxes.

So I made the only logical choice (shopping is always the logical choice) and purchased Longcils Boncza cake mascara. It is all natural. Marilyn Monroe used to wear it. It costs $39 + shipping, which now beats Kiss Me mascara for Most Expensive Mascara I Have Ever Bought (Kiss Me kicks ass though fyi).

Buy Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara from The Cure Shop. I did!

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