Tuesday, February 3, 2009

from lottielulu on flickr

I have no money. I am probably (with heavy heart) going to sell my Sam Edelman Balenciaga rip offs because let's face it, I've never worn them, and they are regularly going for $400-$800 on ebay, and I could use that money toward a car. SO. I am going to start buying vintage patterns and making my own clothes. I am also going to use the vintage patterns to

GO TO THE OPEN SEE AT BLOOMIES ON MAY 1, despite never having sewn anything other than the hems of my pants and loose buttons. Am I allowed to use patterns if I tweak them? Would it be better sense to get a seamstress to help me? I could probably have the people who alter all my clothes help. I always take my old t-shirts in and they yell at me, saying, "you know, if you would just buy smaller shirts you wouldn't have to spend money to alter them." I choose not to tell them about my thrifting habits and just hand over the cash.

But maybe I can shell out for this funny McSweeney's tote bag.

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