Monday, July 21, 2008

Gothic/Preppy: How Do I Wear It?

This will be the first in the series Gothic/Preppy, where we (and by we I mean I) take an item of clothing and show you how to mix it two ways, whatever your taste may be.

Well, friends, this is it: the item that straddles the line effortlessly between gothic and preppy:

the insouciant sleeve zips, the cropped length, the short sleeves for heaven's sake. Had I only world enough, and cash, it would be mine. And here's how I'd style it:


I've been craving a pair of black thigh high boots for God only knows how long; after finally finding an inexpensive pair at a local shoe store, imagine my horror to read that thigh high boots have been named one of Fall 08's trends. It's ok though, I thought of it first. Here mixed with an 80s dress that I don't have yet, but the price is right so I might add it to the arsenal. And of course the deathless Chanel cassette clutch, which was once nearly mine as well. But that's another story for another time.


I have this shirt, inspired by Lulu, but in my own misguided move, lopped the sleeves off. It's better for Florida summer though, so who gives a rat's ass? The booty shorts and keds is a combination I rock more than I probably should given my age and the increasingly worrisome state of my thighs. And of course, the requisite Chanel bag.
*NB: why is it that Chanel is the preferred luxury designer of the scenester set? Nearly every girl you see set loose from Daddy's viselike grip, finally allowed to dye her hair black and wear sneakers to a club, ugh has a pair of diamante C's tacked to either ear. Or worse, incorporated into a tattoo. How terribly gauche.

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