Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweetness and Light

Spring 09
Spring 09 - by Lux Interior on

It is springtime, finally (Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow! Or is it ends tomorrow? I can never remember), and all I can think about are these Cheap Monday "anti-fit" chinos; they are the best possible kind of preppy. Won't get out of it cheaply though, since they can only be found on two sites and neither are in the US, ugh. How fresh with the J. Crew canvas and leather tote (you could put band buttons on it; that's what I'm going to do once I buy it) and chiffon-trimmed tee. Add these Matt Bernson sandals and classic Wayfarers and you are good to go.

The last thing you need for Spring are these Target Alexander McQueen leggings; I didn't think anything of them until I saw this picture from Gareth Pugh:

Wowee wow wow wow!

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